Monday, February 17, 2014

Review: Saga's Cottage Etsy Shop

This is not something I usually do but something I would like to do more often - to help promote the work of some awesome Pagan artists and crafters, bloggers and authors, all of whom I respect and whose work I greatly admire. I know most of these people through my personal life or through social media and have either purchased items from these people, followed their blogs regularly, or read their books. I will be doing this more frequently in the future but will always be asking the person permission to do so first. I will not however be reviewing the artwork, crafting, writing or services of anyone with whom I have not personally dealt. So without further ado...

First up is Saga's Cottage, soon to be known as Hemlock & Garnet, an Etsy shop owned by my friend Loren Morris. Loren is a wonderful Pagan artist who makes all of the items in her shop. Right now, she has several handcrafted items in her shop, including prints, plaques, wax poppets, notecards and spirit boards. As noted in my previous post, Just Hang In There, I purchased a beautiful item last week from her. It is the Elemental Ostara Eggs Altar Set. Here is a picture of it:

The set includes six hand-blown and hand-painted eggs (one for each of the elements, one for spirit and one for the Goddess), Wishing Stars on which to make your Spring wishes, and a Spring incense containing frankincense, benzoin, dragon's blood, nutmeg, violet oil, orange peel and rose petals (following a recipe from Scott Cunningham's Complete Book of Oils, Incenses and Brews). It is all contained within a moss-lined feather-rimmed nest which Loren notes can be used as "an offering bowl".

This item is just what I need to warm my Winter-weary soul and I can't wait to celebrate the Spring Equinox with this upon my altar. In fact, it's there already just waiting for the rest of my Spring items to join it! Each egg is so colorful and a perfect representation of the elements (I just adore the gnome for Earth!), Spirit and the Goddess and the incense smells positively divine and will be perfect as part of my Ostara ritual this year. Loren has 2 other sets in her Etsy shop right now for sale, a bit different from this one but just as beautiful and magical.

Not only did Loren package this item securely for delivery and get it out to me very quickly, but it came with tissue paper that emits a heavenly scent. Earlier in the month, I won a necklace Loren made for an Imbolc giveaway for The Sunday Stew over at The Secret Life of the American Witch. It came wrapped in that same tissue paper. I asked her about it and she said she keeps the tissue paper in her incense drawer. Said tissue paper is now stowed away in parts of my house to keep that beautiful scent around!

So when you are looking for some beautiful Pagan artwork to incorporate into your every day Pagan life and practice, check Loren's Etsy shop, Saga's Cottage, and see what items she has for sale. Don't forget that the shop will soon be undergoing a name change to Hemlock & Garnet! Also keep in mind that every item is hand-painted and hand-crafted so each item may not be the exact same as the last or may not be available at the time. I am sure if you contact Loren through her shop that she will be able to help you find what you are looking for.

Loren also has a wonderful blog entitled Saga's Cottage, where she shares spells, rituals, and recipes to be used is sabbat celebrations and rituals and throughout the year. Don't forget to follow her blog as well!

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