Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Misgivings

First, let me start by apologizing to my readers for such a long absence from the blog.  Life has been quite busy lately.  I have been immersed in my writing as I continue my journey into the world of published works.  As some of you may know, my hard work has paid off.  I recently had an article published in an anthology about Samhain (Halloween).  The book is entitled “Pagan Writers Presents Samhain” (Pagan Writers Press 2011).  Pagan Writers recently informed me that they accepted two more article submissions for their upcoming anthology about Yule (Winter Solstice).  I have also sent them a book pitch, which they really liked.  I am now in the midst of writing that book.  This is all happening so fast but I am loving every second of it!  Amid all the writing, daily life has become more hectic with the onset of the holiday season.  So, once again, I am sorry.  Now that the apology is out of the way….onward.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  We are all in the thick of things tonight--preparing our favorite family dishes, baking all sorts of desserts, thawing turkeys, planning the table seating, trying to figure out how to handle difficult dinner conversations, doing the last minute cleaning of the bathroom, or figuring out where our out-of-town relatives will sleep.  All of this planning, calculating, measuring, cleaning, and cooking can be very stressful, leading to a not-so-enjoyable holiday.  But yet we do it every year.  Why?  It’s actually a very simple answer, if you just step outside of yourself for a minute or two and really look at past Thanksgivings.  We do it because we love this holiday!  It’s about coming together with our families and friends, feasting for hours, toasting to our accomplishments, and giving thanks.  Okay, so maybe you have a family member who drinks a little too much and gets a little rowdy, or maybe your dad lights his pant leg on fire when he bangs out his pipe (a true story), or maybe the turkey is dry and like cardboard.  Things happen, stuff goes wrong, and a relative passes out from too much wine.  Think of these mishaps and slip-ups as a memory in the making, something that will be talked about for every Thanksgiving to come, a story to be passed down in the family.  As bad as it seems at the time, it will be hysterical next year when you all gather around the table again.  Think about it.  We all have a few funny holiday stories to tell!

Tonight things are moving at a steady pace.  I am writing this blog as pies are baking, laundry is washing and drying, and the turkey is thawing.  In a little while, I will make egg nog, prep celery, onions and herbs for stuffing and for the bird, pull sheets out for my sister who will be crashing on my sofa tomorrow night, put the leaf in the table, and prep the linens for the table setting.  I am definitely in multi-tasking mode.  Through it all, I am considering my blessings this year, giving thanks that I can celebrate with my family and friends, and instilling these feelings of gratitude into each task.  Maybe it will help others gathered around the table to feel more grateful or maybe it will fill them with a feeling of love and acceptance.  I am also thinking about all those funny holiday disasters and filling my tasks with a sense of humor, something which will come in handy tomorrow.  Keep these things in mind while doing all that you have to do tonight and through tomorrow.  You’ll see a definite change in the air.  That difficult relative won’t seem so difficult anymore, the wine spilled on your best tablecloth won’t really bother you, the burnt pie will still taste good, or things will just seem more peaceful, easier to do, or more balanced.

So, with that, I am off to further Thanksgiving preparations and wish all my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving!