Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fill 'Er Up

The Full Harvest Moon of October is upon us.  This is the time of the last days of the harvest heading into Halloween, the third and last harvest.  Generally speaking, the full moon is a time for bringing things into your life that you may be lacking or which you need.  Whether it is a quality like patience (which I lack a lot of the time) or a need like a little extra cash to make it through, this is a great time to ask the Universe for help in filling your life with those things. 

Many years ago, I worked with a woman who told me that, if I held my wallet up to the full moon and said “Fill ‘er up!” three times, I would find money later in the month.  This woman was not Pagan in any way.  In fact, she was a faithful Irish Catholic woman.  She told me that her mother and grandmother had always done this as well.  I was just setting my feet upon the Pagan path and decided to give it a try on the next full moon.  A few days later, I found several quarters while walking to work, not together but in a trail along two separate streets.  I was skeptical at first but continued to do this at every full moon.  More luck!  Sometimes it was just a few dollars found in an old handbag and sometimes it was larger, like a 20 dollar bill in a pair of jeans I hadn’t worn in a while.  One time, I had made a mistake on my federal income taxes and received a check for over $200 from the IRS!  Several months ago, I played the Cash 5 lottery, having the computer pick the numbers, and won $267!  I have shared this wondrous little “spell” with my family and friends, pagan and non-pagan alike, over the years and they too have had success with it, finding things like an uncashed birthday check from a grandparent or finding $20 floating on an ocean wave while at the beach on vacation.

But what if it is a quality, and not money, that you are lacking?  I think I’ve come up with the perfect “Fill ‘Er Up” spell for that!  We’ll use patience as the example quality here since it is something I am in need of this week.  Instead of a wallet, hold a glass of water or wine up to the full moon while thinking about what quality you would like to bring into yourself.  Make sure that you can see the moonlight through the glass or the image of the moon reflected in the liquid, essentially letting the moonlight infuse the drink.  Say “Fill ‘er up with patience” three times and then drink the cup of water or wine.  Maybe you need more self-confidence or better understanding.  Give it a try!  I have used this method before with great results. 

The full moon is also a good time to meditate on what you want to bring into your life.  I like to do this in a hot bath with a bubble bath made from some herbs, plants or flowers that correspond to the moon like aloe, sandalwood or jasmine.  My bathroom has a skylight so, on a clear night, the moonlight floods the bathroom.  On cloudy full moon nights, I light a white candle.  As I soak in the fragrant bath, I close my eyes and meditate on the events of the past 30 days and what my role was in what occurred.  If I find something lacking, I know it is time to work for that.  This is a good way of getting in touch with your deeper self, of knowing who you are and who you are working to become.  For women, this is also a good time to think about our roles in life, those of mother, daughter, wife, sister, etc., and contemplate ways to make the bonds with those we love stronger or better.  The things you discover in meditation, those lightbulb moments, are the ones that could become the goal of your very own “Fill ‘Er Up” spell.

So tonight, whether you lift up your wallet, lift up that glass, or lift up your spirit and mind to that full moon or just stand under Her radiant silver beams, just keep thinking “Fill ‘Er Up”.

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  1. Ah yes, the Irish.. they just don't know how much Paganism was incorporated into those Catholic traditions. I always put a wallet bathed in bergamot oil out on a full moon :)

    Happy Fully Moon, Johanna!