Friday, January 21, 2011

I Am a Libra and Always Will Be

Last week, news came that the astrological signs had changed due to a cosmic shift in the constellations.  After all, the universe does move around a lot, nothing remains the same for very long. Many people I know were very confused, even angered, that this had occurred.  My son was one of those people who were angry.  He had never shown any interest in his astrological sign before so I was bewildered at his sudden concern and outrage.  I gently explained to him that his sign had not changed, he was born a Sagittarius and always would be a Sag.  But all of this got me thinking...Was I still a Libra?  According to the new astrological line-up, I had become a Virgo.  A Virgo?  Really?  Then, I felt a bit angry!  I have nothing against Virgos.  I know many Virgos and they are wonderful people.  But there was no way that I was a Virgo.

My whole being screams "LIBRA"!  I am all about balance.  Libra is represented by the scales and I always have to weigh my decisions, always looking at a pro and con list before having my answer.  When I am decorating my house, if there is a tall vase at one end of the room, then something tall has to go on the exact opposite side of the room.  I always have to hear both sides of a story to come to a conclusion.  When someone in my house sees the glass half empty, I have to point out that it is really half full.  I like dark furniture but bright rooms.  If things are disorganized in my house, I'll tell my husband that I feel out of balance.  Okay, maybe there is a touch of OCD in that but I have always contributed it to being a Libra.  Where there is balance, there is harmony.  It's part of the reason why I think I married my husband.  He is very impulsive, angered easily, and not very talkative.  I am the exact opposite.  I always say opposites attract.  It's all part of the balance of things!

As a Libra, I am crazed by injustice.  Nothing makes me angrier than justice not being served.  When all of the evidence is weighed but the wrong person has still been punished, I want to start slapping people on the back of the head and scream "Snap out of it!".  There have been several high-profile legal cases over the years where the bad guy got away and, to this day, I am angered by it.  If I am falsely accused of something, I will not rest until the truth has come out and my name is cleared.  There is nothing more offensive to me than injustice!

Another Libra trait is that of beauty.  Not being physically beautiful but having beauty around them.  Now, I don't have the most beautiful home in the world or the best furniture that money can buy.  In fact, most of the furniture in my home is second-hand.  Although Libra's are known for their extravagance, I am by no means extravagant.  However, I am constantly working to keep that second-hand furniture clean and in good shape.  If things begin to look ragged, I am already hunting for its replacement.  I equate beauty with cleanliness and organization.  Everything has its place and that is how it must stay!  I can't stand clutter and disorganization.  When I see clutter, I get that feeling like someone has dragged their nails across a blackboard.  I have been known to begin a clean-up project late at night simply beacuse I could not rest knowing that things were in a disorganized condition.  Once again, it may be part OCD but I know it's mainly my Libra kicking in.  I like floral arrangements and artwork around me.  It's all part of making my surroundings more beautiful.

I could go on and on listing Libra traits and how they relate to me but I feel I have made the case to myself that I am a Libra and always will be.  No amount of cosmic rearrangement can change that!   

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